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The Establishment of Mesa Frozen Yogurt

Yummy Frozen Yogurt from Mesa Fro YoIn December of 1983 Don and Sharon Bennett opened Mesa Frozen Yogurt at it's current site, 1356 S. Gilbert Rd., Ste. B-12, Mesa, Arizona. Frozen yogurt was becoming a very popular frozen dessert for the health conscience in the 1970's and '80s. Although it waned in the 1990's, Mesa Frozen Yogurt continued to flourish. Serving 40-50 different flavors a month. Daily featuring chocolate and vanilla and an assortment of "tart" flavors throughout the week.

The store changed hands in November, 1985, when the Bennetts sold to Randy Erickson. After one year Randy sold it, turning the keys over to his parents from Platte, South Dakota, Eugene and Beverly Erickson. The Ericksons nurtured the business with a "hands-on" and friendly "get-to-know" your customer philosophy. They even kept notebooks with data of peoples names, occupations, favorite flavors, etc.

At one time popcorn was a part of the menu, but was deemed "too messy" and dropped. Later in the '90s smoothies and gourmet coffees were added. Although the smoothie bar has steadily gained popularity, the coffee couldn't compete with the area coffee shops and was discontinued.

Gene and Nan Qualm - Owners of Mesa Frozen YogurtWhen the Ericksons retired in the spring of 1999, Beverly's brother and sister-in-law, Gene and Nan Qualm purchased the business. While Gene continued in the auto business their son, Ethan, came alongside Nan to handle the day to day operations. The Qualm's continued the business much as the Ericksons, except for being closed on Sundays. Later on they added "Kim & Scotts" CLASSIC mozzarella pizza pretzels and nachos to the menu. Also, Hot Chocolate with or without whip cream is now available in small or large servings.

At the end of 2002, Ethan left the business and more servers were employed to assist Nan. In March of 2005 after 35 years in the Chevrolet auto business, Gene retired and joined Nan. Over the years many young ladies (and a few young men) have been a vital asset to this family oriented establishment. Often you will hear it referred to as simply "MFY" or "Mesa Fro-Yo". After 30 years of being a Cash Only business, credit and debit cards were added. Accepted are Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Amercian Express.

Mesa Frozen Yogurt InsideTop-of-the-line premium frozen yogurt products and cleanliness have always been uppermost qualities to the various owners along with top-notch service. Monday nights have been a long standing tradition of serving free toppings honoring family time of the store's many valued customers. Keeping Saturday nights live, small waffle cones and the 16oz yogurt treat are discounted. Another great special is the "hard-pack" 16oz flavors. Now any day of the week six or more can be purchased at the Saturday night price.

Each month a "Menu Calendar" is made up and available for the many frozen yogurt lovers who plan ahead for their favorite flavor! Holiday time is enjoyed when flavors like pumpkin, eggnog, and peppermint stick are the highlights. Regarding the 16oz "hardpack" flavors previously mentioned these are not the "leftovers" as most would think. In reality, each day's flavors are made up fresh in the morning to have on hand in the freezer for take-home or for those days when the customer's favorite is not on the menu (or soft in the machine). The hardpacks can easily be softened by a few seconds in the micro-wave and store nicely up to a month in the freezer.

Mesa Frozen Yogurt has a variety of toppings from candies, chopped cookies, nuts, and fruits to add inside a serving. The menu features cones, sundaes, flurries, beverages, and shakes. A very popular item is the frozen yogurt pie made up in either a graham or oreo crust with a topping of choice. These can be made "on the spot"; however, it is best for traveling purposes with our AZ heat, that they are ordered ahead of time and frozen hard.  At Mesa Frozen Yogurt we are pleased to accommodate customized ORDERS anytime to have ready for a special event or just to have on hand at home.  Again these are best placed ahead of time to facilitate our staff and for traveling.

Another unique feature available to our customers is the "Daily Lunch Special".  Served from 11am - 4pm a 4oz, 8oz, or 12oz yogurt treat is accompanied with a warmed soft pretzel and cheese or nachos.  Of course, at a reduced price!

People from all over the Phoenix metro area patronize Mesa Frozen Yogurt; the Mesa-Gilbert communities, of course, comprising the majority of customers. A few notable folks as leading sports figures and politicians have been served over the years. But none are as important as the oldest to the youngest who enter the doors from day to day to enjoy their favorite frozen yogurt flavor served with a smile!

Store Hours: Monday thru Thursday 11am - 10pm
March - Oct. Friday & Saturday 11am - 10:30pm
Nov. - Feb. Friday & Saturday 11am - 10pm

Phone: 480-892-2557

Directions for 1356 S. Gilbert Rd, #B-12, Mesa, AZ:
The Southwest corner of Southern Avenue and Gilbert Rd, Mesa, in the Mesa South Center which is just north of the I-60 on Gilbert Rd. The store is at the south end of the plaza between Carl Jr.s Restaurant and Seagull Books.

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